Jonathan Robinson

It has been said that the value of educator is not determined by how many questions the students ask that the educator can answer, but by how many questions the students can ask that the educator cannot answer. I love this quote because it speaks to one of our fundamental goals at KMS…to develop students who are critical thinkers and also because it reminds us that education is about students and our goal is to guide them to become all that they can be.

I feel very privileged to lead this strong group of Montessori educators and support staff. It took me many years to find my place at KMS. Following completion of a BA in Economics Degree at Queen’s University I worked at the Calgary Albertan newspaper for several years. I returned to complete my a Bachelor of Education and began working in special education, English as a second language and outdoor education for several years. Before I entered administration I had the opportunity to teach at the primary, junior, senior and post secondary levels of education. While completing my Master’s Degree and thesis, I served as an elementary school Principal in a small Labrador community. I also spent two years writing the youth report for the Royal Commission on Aboriginal Peoples. Before joining KMS I served as Director of Education in an Algonquin community in northern Quebec.

As Principal since 1997, I’ve led a school that continues to grow in both the depth and breadth of its programming, facilities and community involvement. It’s an exciting place to be, as students, staff and parents join in a common vision to create a strong independent Montessori School that knows each student is an individual with gifts to be discovered and nurtured. Helping them find their place in the adult world is a very rewarding challenge and I feel fortunate to be part of their journeys.


Vice Principal
Carrie Whalen

I’m also very fortunate to have Carrie Whalen as the Vice Principal at KMS. Ms Whalen received her Association of Montessori Internationale (AMI) certification while working with Renilde Montessori. Renilde Montessori is the granddaughter of the founder of the Montessori movement, Maria Montessori. AMI training is internationally recognized Montessori training at the highest level.

Ms. Whalen has been involved in the Montessori movement for many years. She began her work in Calgary helping establish a Montessori School within the Calgary public system. Within three years the students were setting academic achievement records on the provincial testing. Before joining KMS, Ms. Whalen also worked in Guelph and other local Montessori schools including Bishop Hamilton and Glebe.

In addition to this wealth of practical experience, Ms. Whalen has completed her Early Childhood Education certification and is currently completing a sociology degree through Memorial University. Ms. Whalen serves on the Board of the Montessori Society of Canada and has recently been asked to serve as an Accreditor for schools with the Canadian Association of Montessori Administrators.

Both of us encourage you to discover what a KMS education can offer your child.


Kanata Montessori School prides itself in having a well qualified faculty that reflects the Canadian mosaic. All our Montessori educators have internationally recognized training. Many have joined us from the public system where they had the requisite public school qualifications before attaining their Montessori accreditation.

Our specialist bring the unique skills of their practice to enrich our students. The Art specialist is a practicing artist. Our French educators are not just fluent in French, but francophones, who bring the culture and love of their language into the classroom.

Our staff represent many faiths, many cultures, many perspective and we diligently seek to ensure that our staff is a strong team that collectively has the skills and experience to both meet the academic needs of our students and to ensure that each students see’s themselves represented in our professional staff.

We are joined with a common vision of what constitutes excellence in education and we believe strongly that the Montessori method provides the tools and experience that will lead to KMS students entering the real world ready to contribute to making the world a better place.

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