The Toddler program meets the unique developmental needs of this age group (18 to 36 months). The adult in the classroom conveys unconditional love and acceptance of the student, allowing them to gain a sense of trust and security. The prepared environment enables the student to explore and to choose activities that develop skills and independence. Through practical life experiences, the students learn to care for themselves and for each other.

Each day includes individual work time; group time for stories, singing and physical movement; snack and outdoor time. Toddler students have their own fenced playground with appropriate equipment and play structures. On most days, the students go for short walks together or play outside. The class is limited to 15 students with one Montessori trained educator and 3 fulltime assistants.


Students in the Casa program work at their own level through the discovery of the environment. Students are presented an array of materials to cultivate his or her own natural desire to work and learn. The educator is trained to act as a link between students and their surroundings. Conscious of each student‘s stage of development and learning style, the educator guides the student to purposeful activities. With repetition and exploration of an activity, she/he acquires concepts and skills, while strengthening concentration, motivation and self-discipline.

Language, movement, and social development are as a primary focus, along with mathematic and sensorial materials. Music, art, biology, geography and history materials are part of the specially prepared environment. In the Casa program, students also receive daily French instruction.

Each class is directed by a Montessori-trained educator and an assistant. Daily outdoor play in the well-equipped large playground is encouraged, along with nature walks.


Montessori elementary education speaks to a student‘s imagination to begin a life-long voyage of learning and discovery, and balances the imagination with concrete, hands-on materials that help the student understand the abstract.

It is the goal of KMS to create a virtually bilingual student for those students who remain for the full eight years of elementary programming. KMS creates a bilingual environment by complimenting traditional French instruction with enrichment activities and bilingual educators who teach non core subjects in both English and French. As the students move into grade four, a dedicated French educator greets and talks with students each day. Opportunities to practice practical French skills are provided through field trips and activities. Students participate in French field trips and graduate from Grade 8 as confident French speakers.

Students remain in the same class for three years permitting the educator to become very familiar with each student‘s development and follow her or his progress through three years, allowing each student to progress at his or her own pace. The three-year, multi-age class encourages younger students to learn from and emulate the older students, while older students can teach and be role models for younger ones.

Over each three-year segment (equivalent to Grades 1, 2 and 3 in the Junior Class and Grades 4, 5 and 6 in the Senior Class) the student completes a core curriculum that exceeds the standards of the Ontario Ministry of Education. The core program includes language arts, science, mathematics, social studies, French and art. Music and Physical Education are also integrated into the program as important elements of the whole person.

Physical Education provides excellent opportunities for personal development through movement and sport.  The program emphasizes on listening and following skills, team cooperation and attitude.  Leadership roles provide students with key moments to build confidence and character.  Kanata Montessori School is an active member of OISAA (Ottawa Independent Schools Athletic Association) enabling students to test their skills in friendly participation in many sports such as cross-country running, soccer, basketball, volleyball, badminton and track.

Each of the three elementary classes is ideally limited to 24 students. Each classroom has a Montessori trained educator who work closely with several specialists. Students in the Elementary program must have completed the requirement of the Montessori Casa program or have an appropriate background prior to enroling.


The school offers a before and after school care program from 7:30 am to 5:45 pm.

The Before and After School activities are designed to encourage the students’s social and physical development. The students assist with the preparation for special school functions, play together, craft, or do individual quiet work. Optional extracurricular activities include swimming and skating lessons, drama and skiing. The students also enjoy outdoor play in our extensive play areas and games and activities indoors.

This program is supervised by teaching assistants who have spent the school day with the students, and are familiar with the student’s needs.

After school programming for elementary students continues to grow and enrich the students.  Drama, skiing, skating, games, swimming, and dance are just a few of the programs that have been offered on a fee for service basis.