“After 10 years at Kanata Montessori I wanted to take a moment to write to you and the staff on how much we appreciate the work and dedication everyone has demonstrated in the time Rebecca has had at the school. At each level, from CASA through to the Adolescent program, she has had the opportunity to work with exceptional people. The impact of this is seen in her strong love of learning, commitment to meeting personal goals and a sense of community in all aspects of her life at the school. Rebecca has become a strong, confident individual as a result of the environment that Kanata Montessori fosters.”

–Janet & E.A. Clarke

“KMS provided a wonderful learning and social environment for Arden and Leah. It gave them a solid foundation that will enable them to excel at school and in life over the coming years. KMS provided the girls a strong education in a nurturing and caring environment. KMS became a second family to Arden and Leah. Unlike now, at KMS Arden and Leah wanted to go to school every day. They continue to be eager to visit KMS to renew acquaintances and to do volunteer work.”
“Academically they have shone. Not only are they ahead of their class in most subjects, but they also know how to work and learn independently. The strong French education at KMS provide students the background to easily move into a late French immersion program, The move to public school system highlights in particular the strong KMS education in language skills, where both girls are performing many grade levels above their peers.”

-Aulis and Laura Dierker Viik

“What we value most, looking back on our children’s years at KMS, are the love and respect with which the children have been treated over all the years. The older ones still know that they are welcome here, and consider themselves part of the school. This attitude has coloured their approach to the other schools they have attended, and affects every relationship they have.”

–Cathy Cohen