What Will I Learn In The Next 5 Years?

Make The Most Important Years Count

Learn Why A Montessori Head Start Is So Important.

The School

Kanata Montessori School – Documentary

Montessori students regularly test one to two years above grade, demonstrating above-average academic and social abilities at the secondary and post-secondary level.

The Students

Meet Mira

Mira is 15, in grade 8, she went on a school trip to the United Nations to debate real world issues with 1500 students from around the world. She spoke so well she was elected to speak in front of the real U.N.

Meet Michael

Meet Michael, he is 13. Last year’s wilderness trip with Kanata Montessori School prompted him to express his enthusiasm to his family, friends, and educators… unlike most teenagers, he produced a multimedia presentation.

Katiana’s Quest

This is Katiana, she is 13. At age 9, she attended the inauguration of Barack Obama. This sparked an interest in her. With latitude and guidance from Kanata Montessori, she has been placing an emphasis on studying world history, politics, and human rights issues… because she wanted to.

Matthew’s Math

This is Matthew, he is 14. Loving math, he wanted a unique challenge. He chose to map out his room in true scale. Given the resources and encouragement of Kanata Montessori he proved to himself he could do it.

The Educators

Why are Montessori students ahead in Math?

Bilingual, Nationally Accredited Kanata Montessori School, develops students with a deep capacity for personal engagement, independence and leadership. A montessori head start makes a world of difference.

Public School vs
Private School

Meet Norma Hart, B.A. Psychology of Education, Honours B.A. Geography, Ms. Hart explains a major difference in the way teaching is done in a public school compared to the Kanata Montessori way.

Healthy Mind & Body

Meet Bob Davidson B. Ed. McGill, D.E.C. Dawson college, he has 21 years teaching physical education experience. He prides himself on teaching his kids a lifelong love of sport and fitness, not just a few moves for a team sport they may never play in later life.

Principal Educator

Introducing Jonathan Robinson Masters of Education, B.A. Economics, for 13 years he has been KMS Principal. Preparing students for the future through individual attention and innovation has been his focus. Everyone now knows a laptop is a great learning tool with supervision, but he was determined to provide laptops for his students, and he did.

Much More than Day Care

Meet Julie Coursol, Infant/Toddler Education Specialist, Ms. Coursol describes the average daily activities for a Toddler at Kanata Montessori. The emphasis is on independence, Toddlers doing things themselves, gaining self satisfaction from accomplishments.